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What is the Best Detergent for Cove Dishwashers?

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powder or liquid dishwasher detergent

From powder and gels to tablets and pods, there’s no shortage of options for dishwasher detergent. But what is the best detergent for Cove dishwasher performance? Powder detergent generally provides the best results. Learn the difference between powder vs gel vs tabs and how to customize detergent to your Cove wash cycle for cleaner dishes.

How to Determine the Best
Detergent for Cove Dishwashers

Cleaning performance is just one way to evaluate the best detergent for Cove dishwasher. Cost, environmental impact, and ease of use are just as important. We’ll compare and contrast the different options to determine the best dishwasher detergent for your Cove dishwasher.

Powder Dishwasher Detergents

If cleaning performance is the deciding factor in choosing a powder or liquid dishwasher detergent, then powder has the advantage. The powder is generally considered the best at removing food particles and stains. This is largely because dishwasher powder detergent combines cleaning enzymes and bleach to create a more potent cleaning formula. 

Powder detergents also have these additional advantages:

  • Cost: Powdered detergents are less expensive per wash load when compared to tablets.
  • Flexibility: Since powder detergent is poured or scooped into the dispenser, it allows you to customize the amount to your wash load more easily. 
  • Power: Powder options are generally the best dishwasher detergent for hard water. Their increased cleaning power removes hard water residue, and the amount is easily increased if necessary.

However, powder dishwasher detergents have their disadvantages too. Pouring and scooping can be a messy business, and accidentally using too much can result in foaming that causes leaks. Some powder detergents can also be too harsh on delicate china and stemware, especially if used in large amounts.

Liquid Dishwasher Detergents

Is powder or gel dishwasher detergent better when it comes to cost? Gel, or liquid, detergents have the advantage when it comes to expense, as they are the least costly detergent option. Their water-based formula is also better for cleaning delicate glassware and dishes, as it’s less abrasive.

Nevertheless, the benefits of liquid dishwasher detergent end here. Because these detergent formulas can’t combine bleach and cleaning enzymes, their effectiveness is limited. Pouring liquid can also result in messes or too much or too little detergent. For these reasons, liquid options aren’t the best detergent for Cove dishwasher performance. However, they can be helpful when washing small or delicate loads.

Tablet & Pod Dishwasher Detergents

Tablets and pods are concentrated forms of powder or liquid detergent condensed into a pre-measured, single-use form. Simply place the tablet or pod where you would pour powder or liquid detergent. It dissolves to clean dishes at the right point in the wash cycle. While this ease of use is one of the advantages of dishwasher tablets and pods, their biggest benefit is cleaning power. These products can combine bleach, cleaning enzymes, and even rinse aid to optimize performance.

While tablets and pods are certainly effective and easy to use, a few downsides exist:

  • Cost: Pods and tablets are often the most expensive detergent option. 
  • Not always environmentally friendly: Some pod brands use plastic packaging that doesn’t break down easily.
  • Lack of flexibility: These pre-measured forms of detergent don’t offer any customization. This makes them less effective for heavily-soiled loads or too abrasive for more delicate dishware.

Which Detergent is Best for Cove Dishwashers?

Considering the above information, Sub-Zero generally recommends powder options as the best detergent for Cove dishwasher performance. However, selecting the right wash cycle and customizing your detergent amounts can further enhance cleaning power.

best detergent for cove dishwasher

Image from Wolf, Sub-Zero, Cove

Here’s how to customize your wash cycles and detergent for cleaner dishes:

  • Normal-heavy loads: Use 2 Tbsps. of powdered detergent. Our dishwasher loading tips and the higher temperatures of the Sani Rinse or Extended Dry cycles can also improve cleaning for heavily-soiled loads.
  • China and crystal: Add ½ Tbsp of detergent and load items on the top rack only. Utilize the China/crystal setting and the Extended Dry option for better rinsing.
  • Plastics: Pour 1 Tbsp of detergent into the dispenser and place items on the top rack. Use the Plastic setting with a High-Temperature wash and/or Extended Dry option for better drying of plastic items.

*Pro Tip: If your house water supply has an added water treatment (filter or softener), we advise referring to the hardness table. With this information, you can find out the ideal ratio of soap to water. Softer water = less soap! If you don’t know the ratio, but you think you have soft water, you can run an additional rinse cycle to avoid clogging your dishwasher’s filters.

Prevent Water Spots with Rinse Aid

Cove recommends using rinse aid to prevent water spots and cloudy film on dishes, enhance drying, and protect glassware from marks and etching.

Rinse aid prevents water spots on your dishes by reducing the surface tension of water. Reducing water’s surface tension allows water droplets to lay flat, which exposes them to more air, therefore allowing it to dry faster. Without rinse aid, water sits on dishes in the shape of a round bead, which causes it to take longer to dry and leaves water spots behind.

Using Rinse Aid in Your Cove Dishwasher

To use rinse aid in your Cove dishwasher, add any professional rinse aid product to the rinse aid compartment by lifting the cover. Fill the compartment with a rinse aid until the indicator turns the color of the rinse aid. If your rinse aid is low, a notification to add a rinse aid will show on the display.

The professionals at Don Bacon Appliance Service are your Cove dishwasher experts. Contact us for all your Sub-Zero, Cove, and Wolf product needs.

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