If you’re like most people, you enjoy a cold glass of iced water or ice cubes on a hot day. And if you’re the owner of a Scotsman ice machine, you can enjoy those things anytime you want! But for your Scotsman ice machine to continue producing clean, fresh ice, it’s essential that it is clean and descaled regularly. To clean a Scotsman ice machine, take a look at our step-by-step guide below.

Step-by-Step Guide to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine

The Scotsman brand is renowned for high-quality ice and efficient ice production with minimal maintenance. Like all home appliances, Icemakers require some regular maintenance, especially if the water supply comes from a hard-water area. To keep your Scotsman residential ice maker producing flawless ice, clean a Scotsman ice machine thoroughly and regularly.

scotsman home ice machine

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How Often Should I Clean my Scotsman Home Ice Machine?

It is essential to regularly clean your Scotsman ice machine, typically every six months, depending on water quality and usage. If you wait too long in between cleanings, the ice maker will have to work harder to produce clean ice, leading to expensive repairs. In the case of hard water, minerals may build up more quickly in the machine, so cleaning of the Scotsman ice maker may be required more frequently.

Supplies to Clean and Descale Scotsman Home Ice Maker

Have you noticed that your Scotsman ice maker ice tastes weird or produces less ice than normal? These are all signs that it’s time to clean and descale your ice maker.

For proper cleaning and descaling, gather the following supplies:

How to Clean a Scotsman Ice Machine

Once you’ve gathered your supplies and put on your rubber gloves, follow the steps below for Scotsman ice maker descaling and cleaning:

  1. Push the power button once. A green light should blink, then the ice machine will complete its final batch of ice and dispense it.
  2. After the last batch of ice is dispensed, remove all ice from inside the bin.
  3. Press and hold the power button and the “clean reset” button simultaneously for five seconds. A yellow light will begin to blink, signaling the beginning of its cleaning mode.
  4. Carefully pour the Scotsman Cleaning Solution into the reservoir (the amount will vary depending on the model. Please refer to your owner’s manual.)
  5. It will take approximately 30 minutes for the ice maker to run the solution through its system. Slight foaming inside of the ice maker is normal.
  6. Once the Scotsman residential ice maker has completed flushing the system with the cleanser, press the power button again. This will begin the process of washing the cleaning solution out. The blinking yellow light will go off and display a steady-state of yellow.
  7. Allow the unit to flush the system fully. This can take another half an hour.
  8. Once the flushing has completed, press and release the power button again, stopping the flushing process. All lights on the ice maker will turn off.
  9. Use the soft cloth and brush or sponge to clean the bin with more of the Scotsman Cleaning Solution. Gently remove any scale or mineral deposits.
  10. Remove any remaining solution in the ice bin, and rinse the entire bin well with hot water.
  11. Using the bucket, create a bleach solution using 2 gallons of hot water and 1 ounce of Clorox. Carefully pour the solution into the bin, wiping all areas to sanitize it thoroughly.
  12. Remove any remaining bleach solution and rinse the entire bin well again with hot water.
  13. To finalize and restart your Scotsman residential ice maker, press and release the power button once more. The unit should turn back on.

While it’s not necessary to clean the outside of your Scotsman ice machine, doing so will give it a polished look. Use a soft cloth and mild soap on the exterior to clean a Scotsman ice machine.

If your Scotsman ice maker still has issues, clean it one more time by following the steps above. If you continue to have problems with your unit, we recommend Factory-Authorized Scotsman ice machine repair by Don Bacon. Our team of experts will clean, inspect and make any necessary repairs to your ice maker so you can get back to enjoying clean, crisp ice. Contact us today to schedule a service call.