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Cove Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

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cove dishwasher isn't drying

While the superior construction of a Cove dishwasher is a hallmark of the Sub-Zero brand, it also facilitates straightforward troubleshooting when there are glitches. If you discover your Cove dishwasher not drying dishes appropriately there can be a range of causes for this problem. Whether it’s a blocked dryer duct or the need for a rinse aid, we’ll identify some potential problems and how to fix them.

Troubleshoot Your Cove Dishwasher Not Drying Dishes

Cove dishwasher maintenance is essential to preserve its excellent performance. But a Cove dishwasher not drying dishes properly can have some more specific solutions. From DIY problem solving to calling in the professionals, the team at Don Bacon appliance has the answers to “Why doesn’t my dishwasher dry my dishes?”

Problem #1: Dishwasher Needs Rinse Aid

When there is water on dishes after cycle is complete sometimes the simple addition of a rinse aid can solve the problem. Rinse aids change the surface area of water droplets to make them lay flat instead of forming domes.

This flat shape exposes them to more air, enabling the water to dry and drain more efficiently. Less time on your glassware means dryer dishes at the end of a wash cycle when you use a rinse aid.

cove dishwasher not drying dishes
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Problem #2: Blocked Dryer Duct

The dryer duct on your Cove dishwasher allows hot air to escape during a rinse cycle. If this duct is blocked, your dishes may not dry properly during this cycle. Here’s how to assess for a blocked dryer duct:

  1. Remove the magnetic kick plate at the bottom of the dryer by pulling it forward. The dryer duct is behind the kick plate on the bottom right side of the dishwasher.
  2. Clear the duct of any visible blockage or dust.
  3. Make sure that the base cover isn’t blocking the dryer duct and is properly secured.
  4. Replace the kick plate.

Problem #3: Failed Vent Fan Motor

Cove dishwashers are built with motorized fans to facilitate the drying process. Occasionally, these motors can burn out or the fan blades themselves stop turning smoothly, resulting in your Cove dishwasher not drying dishes.

To diagnosis the problem, a multimeter is required to test the continuity of the fan’s motor. You can also test the fan blades by turning them by hand to see if they rotate easily. If the fan’s motor doesn’t demonstrate continuity or the fan blades are difficult to rotate, they will require a professional replacement.

Problem #4: Failed Heating Element

The heating element in a Cove dishwasher is what creates the higher temperatures needed to dry dishes at the end of a wash cycle. If the heating element isn’t functioning properly you’ll notice your Cove dishwasher dishes not dry after cycle.

A Cove dishwasher’s heating element is hidden in the base of the dishwasher tub to lessen the noise of a wash cycle and prevent heat damage to dishes and utensils on the bottom rack. Given the location of the heating element, we recommend professional service to determine if it’s functioning properly and perform any necessary replacement.

While this dishwasher offers the highest quality technology and performance, issues such as a Cove dishwasher not drying dishes can occur. Fortunately, the superior construction of this appliance makes it easy to problem-solve at home. If you do find yourself needing a Cove repair Cincinnati, Don Bacon Appliance experts are Cove Factory Certified Service providers for the utmost in professional care.

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