Cooking technology is always evolving, just like any other innovation. Fortunately, we’re cooking in a time where Wolf is able to offer the best in oven technology through convection and convection steam ovens. But, when considering a Wolf convection oven vs. convection steam oven, the more important question is: what’s the best oven for the way I like to cook?

Wolf Convection Oven vs. Convection Steam Oven

When thinking about your cooking preferences and a Wolf convection oven vs. convection steam oven you need to know how each cooks food. We’ve outlined the difference between Wolf convection and convection steam ovens below to help you make the decision that’s best for you.

Wolf Convection Ovens

Convection ovens circulate air around the oven’s interior via fans. This distributes the heat from the oven’s heating element evenly throughout the oven. This even distribution of heat makes for faster cooking times which translates into a savings of time, energy, and money.

Another bonus of convection cooking is that it creates an even, golden browning. When should you use a convection oven? When you want that chocolate chip cookie that’s crisp and golden on the edges but still chewy on the inside or a roast with a crisp exterior and moist center. Overall, a convection oven works great for most types of baking.

However, convection cooking does have a downside: the constant circulation of warm air can lead to dryness and is unsuitable for the delicate baking of breads and pastries where moisture is essential.

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Wolf Convection Steam Ovens

Steam cooking technology was created to not only combat the dryness of convection cooking but to preserve the nutritional value of food. Steam cooking uses steam that comes from a heated water reservoir, locking in moisture and nutrients. It’s ideal for the healthy-minded cook as oil and other fats are not needed to preserve a food’s moisture.

So, what do you use a steam oven for? Creating the perfect steamed rice, vegetables and fish, and reheating food without drying it out. What are the downsides of steam cooking? Well, longer cooking times and the loss of that beautiful golden crust to foods that we all love. But, there’s a solution to this problem: convection steam ovens!

What is a convection steam oven? It’s an oven that combines the best of the convection and steam oven worlds to give you moist, flavorful food with even browning and quicker cooking times. Both steam and convection heat is used to give food a crisp and golden exterior while keeping it moist and preserving its nutrients. This means flaky golden pastry, moist meats and fish, and nutrient-rich vegetables.

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Convection vs. Convection Steam (or Combi-Steam) Ovens

To help you make the best choice when deciding between a Wolf convection oven vs. convection steam oven, here’s a rundown of how the two technologies compare:

Convection Ovens:

  • Food cooks evenly, with an attractive browning
  • Faster cooking times
  • Food can be prone to dryness
  • Not suitable for slow cooking or baking pastries
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Convection Steam Ovens:

  • The combination of steam and convection creates even browning while preserving moisture
  • Foods are better able to retain their nutrients
  • Can accomplish more delicate baking
  • Slower cooking times
  • Higher price point
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We hope this information has been helpful in your consideration of a Wolf convection vs. convection steam oven. Our experience with this name brand makes Don Bacon Appliance Service your local Wolf oven experts. Give us a call to answer any question, big or small.