You probably already know that the water filter in your refrigerator needs to be replaced every so often. But do you know how to order a Sub-Zero refrigerator water filter and how to replace it?

Where to Purchase a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Water Filter

Not all water filters are the same. Each brand has different requirements for different models. Make sure you purchase a Sub-Zero refrigerator water filter from a Factory Certified Parts Distributor or the Sub-Zero Accessory Store.

You can find the correct Sub-Zero water filter for your unit using the refrigerator serial number or the filter number. The serial number is located on the Model Number Tag, as pictured below. If you need help finding this tag, use our Sub-Zero Model Number Locator.

serial number for sub-zero refrigeator water filter

The water filter number is located on the water filter label. If you do not know the serial number or the filter number, call the Sub-Zero Customer Care line at (800) 222-7820.

How to Replace a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Twist-In Water Filter

The twist-in filter location varies depending on the model:
Classic/648PRO: Pull and tilt bottom edge of grille assembly
Designer Tall/Column: Top of refrigerator interior
All Other models: Do not come with internal water filter

  1. Rotate the old filter cartridge counterclockwise one-quarter turn. Pull it out, being careful of any excess water that may spill out.
  2. Carefully remove the plastic cap from the new cartridge.
  3. Insert the new water filter and turn it clockwise until it is secure.
  4. Reset according to your specific model instructions.

After replacing your Sub-Zero refrigerator water filter, wait 24 hours then discard the first bucket of ice produced. This helps clear air from the line and clean the water system. If you have a dispenser model, it is also recommended to discard the first few glasses of water after filter replacement.

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

How to Replace a Sub-Zero Refrigerator Push-In Water Filter

Your Classic or Built-In Sub-Zero refrigerator water filter needs to be replaced when the icon appears on the control panel.

  1. Pull out the bottom edge of the grille assembly, then tilt it forward.
  2. Push the cartridge in then pull out to remove the old Sub-Zero water filter. It is normal for a small amount of water to spill from the cartridge.
  3. Remove the plastic caps from the new filter.
  4. Align the cartridge so the locking tabs insert nicely into the filter manifold.
  5. Push the cartridge in until it clicks, then pull on it slightly to make sure it is secure.
  6. Hold the filter reset button for five seconds.
  7. Discard the first two full buckets of ice on non-dispenser models and the first several minutes worth of water on dispenser models.
change push in filter

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero

Other Recommendations

Sub-Zero recommends storing water filters in a cold, dry environment. Extremely cold or damp conditions can compromise the integrity of your filter. If stored properly, your water filter could last over an entire year, depending on how much ice and water you use.

If your refrigerator has problems after installing a new filter, call a Factory Certified Sub-Zero repair technician in your area.