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How to Change The Light Bulb in Sub-Zero Refrigerator & Freezer

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Is your Sub-Zero refrigerator light not working? It may be time to change the light bulb. While this process varies slightly according to your model refrigerator, most steps begin with removing the diffuser to access the bulb. We’ll detail how to change light bulb in Sub-Zero refrigerator interiors, crisper drawers, and freezers with easy-to-follow steps.

Maintenance Tips: How to Change Light Bulb in Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Finding the bulb and accessing it correctly is half the battle in how to change light bulb in Sub-Zero refrigerator. Learn where to find the bulb in your refrigerator’s interior, crisper drawers, and freezer and how to change it for proper maintenance.

How to Remove Sub-Zero Light Diffuser

Most Sub-Zero refrigerators have a light diffuser at the top of the interior that must first be removed to access the bulb. While 500 Series refrigerators differ in that their diffuser is pulled forward to release, other models share the same removal method.

Follow these steps for Sub-Zero refrigerator light diffuser removal in most models:

  1. Remove any top-shelf items to better access the diffuser.
  2. Place the second and middle fingers on your right hand in the gap between the diffuser and the right-side interior wall.
  3. Lightly push the diffuser to the left to reach its bracket pegs.
  4. Gently pull down on the brackets to release the diffuser.
  5. Push the diffuser back until its slots are past the bracket pegs and lower it to remove.
how to change light bulb in sub-zero refrigerator
Image Credit: Sub-Zero

How to Change the Light Bulb in Sub-Zero Refrigerators

Once the diffuser is detached, the light bulb(s) should be clearly visible. Unscrew the old lightbulb from its housing by twisting it counterclockwise. Sub-Zero recommends using a 40-watt appliance light bulb for its interior lighting. Twist the new lightbulb clockwise until it’s secure in the housing.

To reinstall the light diffuser, line up the slots with the bracket pegs and raise the diffuser to insert the slots in the pegs. Pull the diffuser forward to engage the pegs and secure the diffuser in place.

How to Replace a Sub-Zero Crisper Light Bulb

Wondering how to change light bulb in Sub-Zero refrigerator crisper drawers? Like the main interior light, the process begins with removing the crisper drawer light diffuser. However, only 25-watt light bulbs are recommended for crisper drawer lighting.

Here’s how to perform a Sub-Zero light bulb replacement in a crisper drawer:

  1. Remove the shelf and drawer in front of the affected crisper drawer light.
  2. Depending on your model refrigerator, the crisper drawer light diffuser can be removed by squeezing it inward on either side or by pushing it upward. Consult your user manual to determine the right removal method for your refrigerator.
  3. Pull the diffuser outward to remove it.
  4. Remove the old bulb at the top of the drawer compartment by twisting counterclockwise.
  5. Replace with a new 25-watt appliance bulb by twisting it clockwise to lock in place.
  6. Return the light diffuser to its place by pushing it down in its slots.
  7. Slide the shelf and/or drawer back into place.

How to Change the Freezer Middle Light Bulb

Knowing how to change light bulb in Sub-Zero refrigerator freezer is as easy as knowing where to find it. Most middle light bulbs are located in the top front of the freezer and don’t have a diffuser. Check your user manual to determine how many light bulbs your freezer requires and always use a 25-watt appliance bulb when replacing them.

The middle light bulb may be behind a light diffuser below the ice bin in freezers with an ice dispenser. Refer to your user manual to determine if the diffuser is removed by sliding its tab forward or to the right. Once it’s removed, the bulb can be accessed and replaced.

Don Bacon Appliance Service is Cincinnati’s premier Factory Certified Sub-Zero appliance repair provider. We can answer any question from changing refrigerator light bulbs to how to replace Sub-Zero refrigerator water filters.

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