Regular cleaning is an important step if you want to keep your Wolf outdoor grill in tip-top condition. Taking the extra time to perform routine cleaning will ensure your grill is the star of your summer barbecues for years to come. Check out these 4 simple steps on how to clean a Wolf outdoor grill.

Expert Tips on How to Clean a Wolf Outdoor Grill

It’s easy to put off cleaning your barbecue. However, cleaning it regularly makes the task much less daunting and time-consuming in the long-run. Follow this easy step-by-step guide on how to clean a Wolf barbecue:

Step 1 – Clean the Inside

Knowing how to clean the inside of a gas grill is crucial for maintaining it. Soot, tar, and grease builds up over time and can end up on your food. Follow these simple directions on how to clean a Wolf outdoor grill to avoid nasty residue inside your barbecue:

  • With the hood closed, turn the grill burners on HI for about 10 minutes.
  • Turn off the burners and allow the grill to cool.
  • With a mildly abrasive pad, use your favorite oven cleaner to scrub the stainless steel interior.
  • Wipe up any remaining residue with a damp cloth or sponge.
  • For extra protection and shine, apply a stainless steel polish to the interior.

Tip: For stubborn heat stains and burn marks, apply Penny Brite paste with a sponge to the affected areas.

Step 2 – Clean the Grill Grate

Grill grates quickly build up black residue from food and grease. Leaving the grill grate dirty also leads to rust, which ends up on your food when you cook. If you’re wondering how to clean a grill grate, it’s simple:

  • While the grill is hot (but not on!), use a grill brush with water to scrub the grates.
  • To remove rust, sprinkle baking soda on the grates
  • Turn on the grill until the baking soda starts bubbling.
  • Turn the barbeque off, let it cool, and brush the grill grates once again to remove any remaining rust.

To remove stubborn rust from the grill grates, combine 2 cups of vinegar and 1 cup of salt.

  • Place the grates in a large plastic bag and cover them with the solution.
  • Allow the grill grates to soak for 8 hours and then wipe the rust off with a cloth.
  • Finally, rinse the grates with water and dry them.

Sandpaper is another option for cleaning rust off your grill grates.

  • Wrap a rung on the grill grate with a piece of sandpaper.
  • Rub the sandpaper up and down each rung.
  • Only rub until the rust is removed so as not to scratch the grill grate surface.

Tip: One of the best ways to maintain your grill is to clean the grate after each use to avoid buildup. This will save you time in the future and keep your grill grate looking new! If using a wire grill brush, be careful not to leave any bristles behind, as they could wind up in your food.

how to clean wolf outdoor grill

Step 3 – Clean the Drip Tray

When it comes to grill maintenance, the drip tray is often neglected. It’s messy and easy to forget. But not cleaning the drip tray has dangerous consequences. If you let grease buildup, you risk a grease fire. Don’t worry though; it’s easy to clean a Wolf outdoor grill drip tray as long as you do so after every use:

  • Allow the grill to cool completely.
  • Wipe drip tray clean with a disposable cloth or paper towel.
  • Replace the drip tray.

Tip: Don’t line the drip tray with foil. It’s designed to be easy to clean so you don’t need to waste time lining it.

Step 4 – Clean the Outside

Keeping the inside of your grill is important for regular Wolf outdoor grill maintenance, but knowing how to clean outside of grill is just as important. Not only will cleaning the outside give it that extra sparkle, but proper cleaning helps protect the exterior.

  • Using a stainless steel cleaner, remove stains with a microfiber cloth.
  • For burn stains, apply Penny Brite with a sponge.
  • Apply a stainless steel polish to protect the outside of your Wolf grill from future stains.
  • Remove excess residue with a damp cloth or sponge.

Tip: NEVER use steel wool on the stainless steel components of your Wolf outdoor grill and always clean with the grain, not against it. Doing otherwise will scratch and damage the grill.

We hope this guide on how to clean a Wolf outdoor grill makes your life a little easier and keeps your grill running for years. If you need Wolf appliance repair, contact Don Bacon Appliance Service today.