Cove dishwashers are built for performance and style, but a little dishwasher maintenance will help it run properly for years. The steps to clean a Cove dishwasher are fairly simple. We recommend cleaning the interior, racks, and spray arms, at least once a year, depending on use.

Steps to Clean a Cove Dishwasher

Clean Dishwasher Exterior

› Stainless Steel Door

Cove dishwasher maintenance starts with a clean exterior. Use a nonabrasive cleaner and soft microfiber cloth to clean a Cove dishwasher stainless steel exterior. Wipe the exterior with a damp soft cloth. Follow this step with a dry polishing chamois to reveal the dishwasher’s original shine.

Expert Tip: For best results, follow the grain of the stainless steel.

› Control Panel

We recommend that you use a soft, damp cloth to wipe down the controls. This will remove any fingerprints or food particles left behind.

Expert Tip: Be cautious not to damage any electrical components when you clean the control panel. Do not spray cleaners directly onto the controls.

dishwasher maintenance tips

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

Clean Dishwasher Interior

› Door Gasket

Food particles may stick to the rubber door seal of your dishwasher over time. This causes an improper seal which could possibly lead to water leaks. To avoid this common dishwasher repair problem, wipe the edge of the door and the rubber gasket with a damp cloth.

› Racks

To clean a Cove dishwasher’s racks, carefully remove them from the unit one by one. Wipe them down with a damp cloth. Use warm soapy water on any stubborn areas.

› Spray Arms

Dishwasher spray arms have small openings that release water during the wash and rinse cycles. These openings can sometimes become clogged with food particles, leading to poor performance.

Remove the spray arms and rinse them with warm water in your kitchen sink. Use a paper clip to carefully dislodge food particles that may be stuck in the holes.

Expert Tip: Do not use a toothpick to clean the spray arm holes, as the wood may splinter off and cause more trouble.

cove dishwasher cleaning

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

› Filter

When you clean a Cove dishwasher, don’t forget to clean the filter at least once a month. If you rely heavily on your dishwasher, you may need to clean it more often.

The filter is located in the floor of the dishwasher. To access it:

  • Remove lower rack
  • Turn lower spray arm assembly 1/8 turn counterclockwise
  • Lift up and remove
  • Turn filter counterclockwise
  • Lift up to remove

Wash the filter by hand with warm soapy water. If you notice stubborn spots or calcium deposits, use a soft brush (a toothbrush works great).

Expert Tip: Do not use an abrasive scouring pad or wire brush to clean Cove dishwasher filters.

clean dishwasher filter

Photo Credit: Sub-Zero, Wolf, and Cove

› Interior as a Whole

You can easily clean a Cove dishwasher with a vinegar or citric acid wash. This will remove soap scum and rinse aid build up from the walls, racks, and spray arms.

Fill a dishwasher-safe container with two cups of vinegar and place it on the bottom rack. Likewise, you can fill the soap dispenser with citric acid crystals. Then run your dishwasher on the Heavy cycle.

Expert Tip: Never clean a Cove dishwasher with products such as CLR, Draino, or other chemicals.