A Cove dishwasher is renowned for its superior cleaning and drying abilities. But even this high-quality appliance benefits from proper loading to optimize its performance. What is a Cove dishwasher loading tip that highlights its unique features? The middle rack can be lowered or tilted on one side to accommodate taller items. Learn how to load a Cove dishwasher with rack-by-rack tips that maximize its capabilities.

Want Cleaner Dishes? This is How to Load a Cove Dishwasher

Knowing how to load a Cove dishwasher is about more than just fitting everything in. The right loading methods and regular Cove dishwasher maintenance can result in cleaner dishes and prevent damage and repairs. The following dishwasher loading tips utilize the brand’s singular functions for better performance. But, first, here are some pre-loading tips that set the stage for cleaner dishes.

Cove Dishwasher Pre-loading Tips

Before placing items in the dishwasher, some simple steps can improve performance.

These pre-loading tips can result in cleaner dishes:

  • Skip the pre-rinse: Most detergents work best when combined with grease and residue.
  • Remove large particles: While pre-rinsing isn’t necessary, scrape off large food particles before loading to prevent filter and drain clogs.
  • Add the right amount of detergent: Too much or too little detergent will hamper your dishwasher’s cleaning ability. Refer to your user manual to confirm the right amount of detergent for your wash load.

How to Load a Cove Dishwasher’s Upper Rack

A Cove dishwasher’s third rack can clean additional cutlery as well as larger serving utensils, courtesy of the brand’s unique third spray arm.  When not in use, this rack can also be removed to load taller glassware below. Knowing how to load silverware in a Cove dishwasher third rack is easy: simply place forks, spoons, and knives individually in each slot. Larger utensils can be laid directly on top.

how to load a Cove dishwasher

Image Credit: Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

What Goes in the Middle Rack

The middle rack is meant to safely contain small plates, bowls, and glassware. Wondering how to load bowls in a dishwasher for optimum cleaning? Position them upside down and at an angle for better draining and access to water and detergent.

Here’s how to load a Cove dishwasher middle rack using its unique features:

  • Adjust the height: Use the adjustment tabs on either side of the rack to lower it for taller glassware.
  • Customize the tines: Push and rotate the green adjustment tabs on the front of the rack to lower, tilt or raise the tines for bowls, plates, or glasses.
  • Secure wine glasses: Pull down the stemware holders to safely secure wine glasses. Always position cups and glasses upside down and at an angle for better washing and drying.
dishwasher loading tips

Image Credit: Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

How to Load the Bottom Rack

A Cove dishwasher bottom rack is designed to hold dinner plates, serving platters, and cookware. Wondering how not to load a dishwasher bottom rack? The dishwasher leaves dishes wet if it’s overcrowded. Load one item per slot to leave adequate space for water and air to circulate.

Like the middle rack, the tines on the bottom rack can be folded down to better fit pots, pans, and large bowls. Make sure to load these items upside down for better washing and draining. When loading taller dishes, raise up one side of the middle rack so the spray arm isn’t blocked.

how to load silverware in a Cove dishwasher

Image Credit: Sub-Zero Group, Inc.

Loading the Silverware Basket

A Cove dishwasher has a silverware basket in the bottom rack to safely contain cutlery. This basket can also be removed to accommodate more bottom rack items.

Here’s how to load the silverware basket:

  • Avoid nesting: Alternate forks, spoons, and knives next to each other. 
  • Prevent injury: Position knives with the blades facing down.
  • Improve cleaning: Load forks and spoons facing upward for greater access to water and detergent.

Though knowing how to load a Cove dishwasher can prevent damage and malfunctions, some breakdowns are inevitable. When they occur, the technicians at Don Bacon Appliance can provide an expert repair.