Stainless steel finishes on appliances seem to be a magnet for fingerprints, even more so when there are kids in the house. There are several ways to keep the luster of stainless steel clean and shiny.

How to Remove Fingerprints from Stainless Steel Appliances

You can use a microfiber cloth to wipe away prints. These cloths available at most grocery stores or hardware stores and are great for a quick buffing away of light fingerprints. Use a circular motion and in a few buffs the oily print will be wiped away.

For a more thorough cleaning there are pre-moistened stainless steel cleaning cloths available at your local store, usually found with the cleaning supplies. These wipes will polish away most grease and oils.

The important thing to keep in mind when cleaning stainless steel is to NEVER use any type of abrasive cleaning solution or rough scratchy cleaning pads. These will mark and scuff the stainless which are very difficult and sometimes impossible to remove.

If you find that there is caked on food residue anywhere on your stainless steel, just use hot water and a soft cloth allowing the residue to moisten and loosen before using the wipes or microfiber cloth to finish the cleaning.

These simple steps will keep your stainless steel