Steps of Dishwasher Maintenance

Clean and Scrub

In order to maintain the attractive appearance of your dishwasher wipe it down in the front and on the side edges. See your manufacturer’s instructions for cleaning solutions that work best. Dirt and grime commonly builds up on the outer edges and seals of your dishwasher’s door. Scrub away any mold and other buildup in this area with a mild detergent.

Check inside to see if you see any buildup that has collected on any of the interior surfaces like the spray arms and racks. Lime, calcium, and soap can buildup on these surfaces. These deposits can be removed with cleaning products offered by various detergent manufacturers and are at the grocery store. A low cost way to that may work to clean your dishwasher is to pour one cup of vinegar in the bottom and let it sit for an hour. After an hour run the dishwasher on the rinse cycle, on the highest temperature. This may remove the deposits. Check the manufacturer’s instructions to ensure that you are cleaning with the proper solution.

The filter in your dishwasher should be cleaned regularly. Removing any food particles and debris will help to keep odor down and possibly prevent service issues. Filters are usually located near the bottom of the dishwasher and should be easily assessable for cleaning. Particles that get caught in the spray jets may be removed by using a tweezer.


Look for cracks or tears in the gasket and signs of leaks and call for service if you find one. A small leak can become a big problem if overlooked long enough. Also check below the machine to verify that there are not any loose wires or hoses. You should not be able to see any protruding wires.

Regular Use & Care

It is important to use the dishwasher regularly so that the seals stay soft and flexible. By keeping the filter and seals clean and using the dishwasher often you may prolong its life may prevent service issues.