Just as it’s necessary to replace Sub-Zero water filter regularly, the air purifier also requires regular changes to provide superior food preservation. How do I replace Sub-Zero air purification cartridge? Once accessed, the old filter easily pops out so the new one can be quickly inserted. Learn how to perform a Sub-Zero air purification cartridge replacement with these simple steps.  

A Step-by-Step Guide: How To Replace Sub-Zero Refrigerator Air Purification Cartridge

How do Sub-Zero air purifiers help preserve food? Some emit ethylene gas that hastens ripening and spoiling for the foods around them. The air purifier cleans the air of ethylene gas, mold, and odor every 20 minutes, reducing spoilage and keeping food fresher, longer. The following steps detail how to replace Sub-Zero refrigerator air purification cartridge, but, first, here’s how you know a replacement is needed.

When Should I Replace Sub-Zero Refrigerator Air Purification Cartridge?

How often change Sub-Zero air filter and how do I know it’s time? Classic and Designer series refrigerators have a Pure Air indicator light on the control panel that flashes when it’s time for a change. A “Change Air Purifier” message will appear on the display panel of PRO series models. Typically, most require a change on an annual basis. Choosing not to replace or use the air purifier won’t cause any harm to your refrigerator or stored food.

Here’s how to replace Sub-Zero refrigerator air purification cartridge in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Locate Sub-Zero Air Purifier

Sub-Zero air purifiers are located behind a filter access door on the refrigerator’s rear wall. Depending on your model refrigerator, it can be on the right or left-hand side of the wall between the top two shelves. It may be necessary to remove a shelf to access the door.

replace sub-zero refrigerator air purification cartridge

Image Credit: Sub-Zero

Step 2. Remove Old Purifier Cartridge

To open the access door, hold it from the bottom and pull upward. The black air purifier cover should be immediately visible behind the door. Hold the cover at the top and pull downward. The cartridge should pop out of its housing for easy removal.

Step 3. Install New Sub-Zero Air Purifier Cartridge

Take the packaging off the new cartridge and insert it in the housing with the connector pointing downward. The Sub-Zero logo doesn’t have to be facing out, the cartridge can be installed with it facing inward. After you replace Sub-Zero air filter, close the black cover by pushing it upward until you hear an audible “click.” Pull down the filter access door so it’s completely closed against the back wall.

sub-zero air purification cartridge replacement

Image Credit: Sub-Zero

Step 5. Reset Indicator Light or Message

Once you replace Sub-Zero refrigerator air purification cartridge, it’s necessary to reset the indicator light or “Change Air Purifier” message. For Classic and Designer models, press and hold Pure Air on the control panel for 5 seconds. You’ll know the indicator light is reset when it stops flashing and glows steadily. On PRO model refrigerators, touch “Refresh” on the display panel. The “Change Air Purifier” message should disappear, indicating that its reset.

How Do I Dispose of the Old Air Purifier and Get a New One?

Sub-Zero air purifiers can be disposed of at any recycling center that also accepts light bulbs and batteries. Wondering how to dispose of Sub-Zero air purification cartridge at the right location? The Earth911 website or your local waste management company can direct you to the appropriate recycling facility. When you change Sub-Zero light bulbs, the old bulbs can be brought to the same facility. 

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