Coil Maintenance

Did you know that the best preventive care you can offer your Sub-Zero refrigerator is to clean the condenser? Vacuuming the condenser a couple of times a year is all it takes to ensure that your refrigerator operates as efficiently as it was designed to, and prevents the appliance from overheating and damaging its components.

sub zero coil maintenance

Don Bacon has a team of authorized professionals to take care of Sub-Zero coil cleaning as part of your appliance maintenance. But first, how do you know your appliance is due for a cleaning?

How to tell when your Sub-Zero needs appliance maintenance?

Your Sub-Zero refrigerator has a dual compressor cooling system, which means both the refrigerator and the freezer compartments have separate cooling systems.

If both compartments are rising in temperature and the flashing service indicator goes on, you’ve got a problem. Typically this means you have an airflow-related issue, or plugged condenser coils, and this can be resolved.

What is an airflow issue?

Condenser coils can become blocked by dust, lint, pet hair, and other common household debris. When the condenser coils are plugged, the airflow through the condenser becomes restricted.

To clean the condenser yourself, refer to your owner’s manual.

Or, call our expert staff at Don Bacon Appliance Service to perform our Coil Cleaning program, which includes:

  • Proper cleaning of the condenser coils
  • Check the drain line
  • Drain pan clean and check
  • Door seal inspection
  • Complete unit inspection
  • Service recommendations (approved recommendations billed as quoted)

Don Bacon Appliance Service is the only Authorized Service company for Sub-Zero products in Cincinnati. We can also clean the coils on other brands of refrigerators, freezers, wine coolers, and ice machines.

Sign up on bi-annual basis, or as part of a regularly scheduled maintenance visit.