Have you ever wondered what “vacation mode” on your fridge means? Activating vacation mode on your Sub-Zero refrigerator conserves energy while preventing your food from spoiling, saving you money and inconvenience when you get home. So before you leave for your next trip, don’t forget to switch your Sub-Zero refrigerator to vacation mode!

What is Vacation Mode on My Fridge?

Depending on the model of your Sub-Zero refrigerator and the length of time you’ll be away, preparing your refrigerator is the best way to prevent your food from spoiling and conserve energy. Refer to your Owner’s Manual for specific instructions on how to prepare your model for your departure.

What to Do With your Fridge When You Go On Vacation

To prepare your Sub-Zero refrigerator for short vacations (one week or less), start by removing all perishable items. Shut off the ice maker and empty the ice bin.

To prepare your Sub-Zero refrigerator for vacations lasting longer than a week, turn the power off at the control panel or circuit breaker. Empty the unit and prop open the doors to allow fresh air to circulate to prevent moisture. The water doesn’t need to be turned off while you are away. However, Sub-Zero suggests doing so as a good preventative measure. When you return from vacation, replace the water filter before using it.

Sub-Zero refrigerators connected in the Group Owner’s App can use Short or Long Vacation mode.

Sub-Zero Short Vacation Mode

If you’re going away for a short period of time, one week or less, Sub Zero’s short vacation mode is perfect for you. The freezer temperature increases to 5°F, and the refrigerator is set to 34°F. This mode will keep your fridge running at a lower temperature, which uses less energy and keeps your food fresher for longer.

How to Set Vacation Mode Using the Group Owner’s App

This mode cannot be turned on using the control panel and will need to be set in the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s app.

what is vacation mode on my fridge
Image Courtesy of Sub-Zero
  1. Open the app and tap on your refrigerator in the My Appliances screen.
  2. Click Mode. It should say Mode: Normal.
  3. Next, click the Short Vacation option and save. You should see the Mode change from Normal to Short Vacation.
  4. When you return, you can turn off Short Vacation in the app.

Longer Vacations

If you’re going away for a longer period of time, more than one week, Sub Zero’s long vacation mode is the way to go. This mode will set the freezer’s temperature to 5°F and the refrigerator to 44°F. Long Vacation mode reduces food preservation making energy consumption very low. Before activating this mode, remove all perishable items.

To activate Long Vacation mode, open the Sub-Zero Group Owner’s app and follow the same steps as Short Vacation mode, but select Long Vacation instead.

While Sub-Zero vacation modes can help preserve your food while you’re away, it’s important to also regularly maintain and service your Sub-Zero refrigerator. If you run into any issues or malfunctions, consider calling the Sub-Zero refrigerator repair experts at Don Bacon Appliance Repair for reliable and efficient service.