Once your new Wolf oven is purchased and installed, its first use can’t come soon enough. But before cooking its maiden meal, burning in your oven is a crucial preliminary step. What does the Wolf oven burn-in process do? It burns away any manufacturing byproducts and residue by heating the empty oven to a high temperature. Learn how to burn in a new oven so you can enjoy this high-end brand to its fullest potential.

First Time Basics: Understanding the Wolf Oven Burn-In Process

Burning in a new Wolf oven isn’t difficult or time-consuming but is essential to preventing foul odors and even bad-tasting food. We’ll break down the Wolf oven burn-in process into 6 simple steps but, first, here’s what’s involved and why it’s so important.

What is the Wolf Oven Burn-In Process?

Similar to the seasoning that is part of Wolf range griddle maintenance, burning in a new oven is an essential first step. The Wolf oven burn-in process involves heating your empty oven to a high temperature for 30-50 minutes before cooking for the first time. This high heat burns off any grease, oils or residue left over from manufacturing before your Wolf oven first time use.

While the timing and temperature can vary depending on your model oven, all burn-in processes begin by cleaning the interior with soap and water. This can improve effectiveness by removing surface residue. It’s also recommended that you remove the broiler pan before starting, as it may not sustain prolonged heat without suffering damage. 

wolf oven burn in process

Image Credit: Wolf

Why Should You Burn in An Oven Before First Time Use?

When the oven’s interior heats up for the first time, any oil, coating or grease that remains from manufacturing will start to disintegrate. This often results in an unpleasant odor, similar to an oily or burning smell, as well as smoke. While these smells are usually just unpleasant, they can have a negative effect on pets who are sensitive to odor.

Do you have to burn in a new oven? Wolf and other oven manufacturers strongly recommend that you do. If you cook food in a new oven that hasn’t been burnt-in, it may absorb these odors or disintegrating chemicals. This not only alters how your food smells, but how it tastes as well.

How to Burn In a New Wolf Oven

As mentioned above, the exact Wolf oven burn-in process varies depending on your model oven. We suggest referring to your user manual for burn-in instructions specific to your unit.

Follow these steps to burn in a new Wolf oven before its first use:

  1. Clean the oven’s interior, door, and glass with mild dish soap and a soft cloth or sponge. Dry thoroughly.
  2. While the oven’s racks can remain in place, remove the broiler pans.
  3. Move pets away from the kitchen and ventilate the area with a vent hood and/or open window.
  4. Preheat the oven to 550℉ on either Bake or Roast mode. Use a convection setting if applicable.
  5. Once the set temperature is reached, allow the oven to remain on for 1 hour. Smoke and odor, as well as cracking or popping sounds, may occur during this time and are considered normal.
  6. Turn the oven off after 1 hour and allow it to cool before its first use. Cooling times can vary but the oven’s fans may run continuously until it is complete.

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