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What to Do if Your Wolf Induction Cooktop Won’t Unlock

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how do you unlock Wolf induction cooktop

To choose a Wolf induction cooktop is to combine a high-quality name in cooking with the most modern technology. But with new technology often comes new ways of operating. Your range automatically locks as a safety precaution but what should you do when your Wolf induction cooktop won’t unlock? Learn more about the Wolf lock mode safety feature and when it engages.

Wolf Induction Cooktop Won’t Unlock? Understand This Important Safety Feature

Induction cooking uses a different form of heat known as electromagnetic radiation. This heat energy brings with it different safety precautions compared to electric or gas ranges, specifically an automatic lock mode. Before reviewing what to do when your Wolf induction cooktop won’t unlock we’ll first review the lock mode safety feature and its purpose.

Wolf Induction Cooktop Lock Mode Safety Feature

You may be wondering, “Why is my Wolf cooktop locked in the first place?” Though an induction cooktop uses electromagnetic radiation to provide instant heat, the range’s surface never gets hot to the touch. Nor will it glow red or show a flame like an electric or gas range. Given these attributes, it can be difficult to know if the stove is on or off.

Consequently, your Wolf induction cooktop will automatically lock after 5 minutes of inactivity. Lock mode shuts down all induction heat and inactivates control panel commands. This safety feature ensures that the cooktop is never left on inadvertently. You know the lock mode feature is engaged when the control panel’s key symbol has a steady glow.

How to Unlock a CT Induction Cooktop

wolf induction cooktop won't unlock
Photo Credit: Sub-Zero Wolf

Your Wolf induction cooktop won’t unlock if anything is resting on the cooktop surface or if the range is wet or damp. We recommend removing all items from the cooktop’s surface and ensuring that it’s completely dry when you’re ready to begin cooking. To unlock Wolf induction cooktop follow these simple steps:

  1. Press down on the control panel’s key symbol for 5 seconds
  2. Listen for 2 chimes to sound
  3. Watch for the key symbol’s light to go out
  4. Begin normal cooking operations

Wolf Induction Cooktop Locked When First Turned On

Receiving your Wolf induction cooktop can be so exciting you may want to use it right away. It can then be alarming to prep your first meal and find the range unresponsive when you try to turn it on.

It’s important to remember that a new Wolf induction cooktop is automatically in lock mode when installed. When turning it on for the first time you’ll first need to unlock it by pressing down on the key symbol for 5 seconds. Once unlocked, you can then begin cooking your first meal.

CT Induction Cooktop Bypass

To maintain safety a Wolf induction cooktop’s Lock feature cannot be bypassed. However, if your Wolf induction cooktop won’t unlock using the usual procedure we suggest taking these steps:

  1. Locate the range’s circuit breaker in your home’s circuit breaker panel
  2. Turn the range’s breaker off and wait 10 seconds
  3. Turn the breaker back on and retest the unlocking procedure
  4. If Lock setting remains unchanged professional service may be required

It can be hard to find superior service when high-quality appliances require maintenance. If you have trouble with Wolf induction cooktop troubleshooting or need a Wolf appliance repair, Don Bacon Appliance Service can help. Our experienced team of professionals provides the utmost in knowledge and customer service.

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