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Cincinnati Disposal Repair

Disposers might need a repair or need to be replaced. Bacon Appliance understands the inconvenience of getting an appliance repaired. Our goal is to work with your schedule as much as possible and fix the problem within one visit.

Get Fast Disposal Repair – Here’s How…

  • Model and Serial number: This information is essential to help our technicians prepare for your service call. The tech can stock the right parts for your appliance and look up any common issues the factory might have educated service providers on.
  • What’s wrong with the unit: Try to be descriptive as possible about the problem the appliance is having. Is it making noise? Smells? Is it leaking? When did the problem start?
  • History about your appliance: Has anyone from Bacon Appliance been to your house before? Have we worked on the unit in the past? We keep record of every customer we have and their appliances but it’s always good to let us know if the appliance has been worked on by us or other servicers.