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GE Appliance Repair Cincinnati

General Electric (or GE) products are innovative and well-designed, yet practical and dependable. After more than a century of developing products that help businesses and home owners, GE continues to create household items that we use week after week and year after year. Don Bacon Appliance has the experienced GE appliance repiar Cincinnati staff needed to fix all your kitchen and laundry appliances.

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Complete GE Appliance Repair Cincinnati Service

Kitchen Appliances

Refrigerators. GE’s French door, bottom freezer, side-by-side and top freezer selection gives you the opportunity to use the refrigerator that fits in your kitchen, whether you have low ceilings or high ones, or if you have surrounding cabinetry or would prefer one that stands alone. Some refrigerator can now serve hot water as well as cold water.

Ranges. With today’s custom kitchens, a wide variety of ranges are available for homeowners. Freestanding, induction, double oven, and slide-in ranges will complement your kitchen space while cooking the perfect meal. As with all GE products, it’s easy to clean these ranges after making a large meal—just let the self-clean process do all the work!

Laundry Appliances

Washers. In the past decade, more and more front-loading washers are being sold because they conserve water (up to 111,000 gallons less in a washer’s lifetime) and energy, and also make it easier to dry your just-washed clothes because of a greatly improved rinse and drain cycle. GE also carries traditional and HE top-load washers.

Dryers. Dryers have become much more energy efficient and have also been re-designed to be more gentle on your clothes and other laundry. General Electric dryers now have special cycles, including jeans, towels, and steam and refresh, so that your clothes last longer. Dryers can now also detect when clothes are dry, and turn themselves off to safe energy.

GE Repair Cincinnati Expert Tips

Why is my GE refrigerator not dispensing water?

If you GE refrigerator water dispenser doesn’t work properly, there may be a simple fix: replace your water filter.

If the water filter is clogged or dirty, your refrigerator may not dispense water as it should. Try replacing the filter to see if the dispenser returns to normal function.

How do I fix a GE stove clicking constantly?

A range that won’t stop clicking after the bruners are turned off may be something you can remedy on your own as well.

Check for food debris and excess moisture around the burners and ignition system. Clean out the ignition ports with a toothbrush or unfolded paperclip.

ge gas range clicking

Not ready to tackle these common GE appliance problems on your own? That’s waht our GE repair Cincinnati technicians are here for!

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