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Scotsman Ice Machine Repair – Cincinnati & Lexington

Don Bacon Appliance Service is a Factory Certified service provider for residential Scotsman products in the Cincinnati area. Being a Factory Certified Service provider guarantees that you will receive service of the same caliber as the appliances themselves. We offer the assurance you need with true worry-free service at fair, competitive rates.

Scotsman combines efficiency, reliability, and ease of maintenance to produce today’s most advanced ice machines. And the ideal ice for any occasion.

Scotsman Appliance Repair - Products We Service

We provide Scotsman Appliance Repair Service on the following products:

  • Ice Machines

  • Wine Storage

  • Small Refrigerators

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Don Bacon Appliance aims for first-time visit repairs. Give us a call or contact us today for service on your Scotsman Nugget Ice Machine or any other residential model. We do not provide service for Scotsman’s commercial products.

Scotsman Appliance Repair & Care Tips

How often should I clean my Scotsman Ice Machine?

Generally, you should clean your Scotsman Ice Machine twice a year. However, if your house water supply quality is low, you may need to clean it more often.

How to clean your Scotsman Ice Machine depends on your model, and specific directions can be found in the owner’s manual. It’s recommended to use a Scotsman cleaning and descaling solution for best results.

Why is my Scotsman Ice Machine not making ice?

There are a few reasons why your ice machine won’t make ice. First, check for power supply issues before assuming something is wrong with the machine. If the power supply seems fine, some common causes include:

  • Low room temperatures
  • Faulty ice sensor
  • Broken thermistor

What maintenance does my Scotsman Wine Cooler require?

Scotsman Wine Coolers are made to be low-maintenance. However, there are a few recommended tasks to perform throughout the year:

  • Check for clogs in the drain trough once a year.
  • Vacuum the condenser twice a year to remove dust and debris.
  • Clean the exterior and door gasket as needed.
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