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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair – Cincinnati & Lexington

Don Bacon Appliance Service is one of the few companies with Sub-Zero repair Cincinnati and Lexington experts. Being a Factory Certified Sub-Zero refrigerator repair Cincinnati area service provider guarantees that you will receive service of the same caliber as the appliances themselves. We offer the assurance you need with true worry-free service at fair, competitive rates.

The Sub-Zero brand is well-known for designing and manufacturing built-to-last, high-end refrigeration products. With dozens of choices for any kind of kitchen and for any space, Sub-Zero has become one of the most well-respected refrigerator brands in the United States. From the best Sub-Zero ice maker repair available to the fastest refrigerator service in town, look no further than Don Bacon Appliance.

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Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair - Products We Service

We provide Sub-Zero Refrigerator Repair service on the following products:

  • Built-in refrigeration
  • Integrated refrigeration

  • Under-counter refrigeration
  • Ice Machines/Ice Makers

  • Wine storage
  • Beverage Drawers

Special features included in Sub-Zero refrigeration products:

  • They keep food fresher, longer. Sub-Zero products keep the dry side dry (freezer) and the humid side humid (refrigerator). Plus, each refrigerator and freezer is sealed with its own compressor so all of your food for a longer period of time.
  • They have pioneered “anywhere” refrigeration with built-in, undercounter, and integrated products, and they remain the leader in sizing, styling and configuration options. No longer are there constraints with heights, widths, or depths—or even walls. Sub-Zero can be tailored to just about any design.
  • They are built to last. Sub-Zero’s goal is to be your lifelong kitchen partner, so their appliances are built to last. They design quality energy-efficient refrigerators and also use premium-grade materials in every model. However, should you need Sub-Zero refrigerator repair, give us a call.

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Sub-Zero also offers an excellent warranty and service program, and that’s where Don Bacon Appliances comes in. Like our company, Sub-Zero also aims for first-time visit repair. They have a provider network of Factory-certified service partners, and Don Bacon Appliances is one of the very few Sub-Zero repair Lexington and Cincinnati companies that are certified to work on the full range of appliances.

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