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      Exceptionally professional service; they were experienced and prepared. Drew fixed two appliances for us (washing machine and freezer) in under an hour, and as a bonus he was nice to my dog. :) The online scheduling was convenient.

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U-Line Repair Cincinnati OH

The Factory Certified U-Line repair Cincinnati technicians at Don Bacon Appliance Service are local experts. Being a Factory Certified Service provider guarantees that you will receive service of the same caliber as the appliances themselves. We offer the assurance you need with true worry-free service at fair, competitive rates.

For over five decades and through three generations, U-Line continues to be the leader in innovation, quality and value in premium built-in under-counter ice making, refrigeration and wine preservation. U-Line has captivated those with an appreciation for the finer things with exceptional functionality, style, inspired innovation and attention to even the smallest details.

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U-Line Repair Cincinnati Expert Tips

If you still are in need of U-Line repair Cincinnati help, our technicians can come to your home to diagnose and repair the problem. Our friendly customer service representatives will schedule a convenient appointment time for you so you can get back to your routine.

Why does my U-Line refrigerator run loud?

As with any type of U-Line appliance repair, a refrigerator running constantly can be due to several different things. One of the most common causes is dirty condenser coils.

Use an appliance brush and vacuum hose attachment to clean your refrigerator coils every six months. This will allow your unit to run more efficiently and quietly.

u-line refrigerator repair cincinnati

Why will my U-Line ice machine not make ice?

If your ice maker isn’t making ice or isn’t making enough ice, there may be a clog somewhere. A clog in the water lines can lead to insufficient water pressure, resulting in ice maker issues.

Routine maintenance is one of the best ways to prevent ice machine clogs. Always consult your user manual first, but typical clenaing involves draining the water supply and dumping old ice.

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